One of the most UNIQUE and convenient advantages for Elk River residents is the 4,600-foot, on-premise private Airport.

    The well-maintained runway and available private hangers easily accommodate both private and corporate aircraft. A manned security gate controls access to the hangars and private airstrip. The airport is for the exclusive use of Elk River property owners and their guests. Landing, usage and parking fees are billed annually or per landing.

    Visit the Elk River airport’s website for more information and to view a video of arrival and departure procedures.

    Lat: N 3609.6
    Long: W 08153.8
    Elevation: 3,468 ft.
    Runway length: 4,600 ft.
    Unicom #NC06

    The airport is owned, controlled, managed, and maintained by Elk River P.O.A., and the information set forth herein is subject to change based upon the sole determination of management of that corporation.

    "The airport is a convenience that puts Elk River in a class of its own."
    - Dr. Jim & Deb Plettner

    Private Airstrip for Members
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